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Does your wig stay in one place? No, right? Wig Grip Band is there for you. Wig Grip Band is designed to make your life easier; it is the ideal solution for every wig wearer who is seeking for the ultimate comfort and security!


  • BREATHABLE & COMFORTABLE: It is more comfortable to wear a wig grip than using glue or tape. It can also be used as a workout buddy while in the gym or while playing sports and other activities. Wig Grip Band is made of thin breathable material that gives you relaxed wear, avoids muggy, especially in summer. A row of precise stitches sewn on the top ensures always keep breathable.

  • ADJUSTABILITY: With long adjustable hook and loop fastener design and elastic cloth, it can suit most head sizes. Lengthened Hook and Loop fastener design make one size fits all. Perfect for providing different head sizes as it can adjust the most comfortable tightness on your hairline. 

  • HEALTHSOME: The Wig Grip works as a barrier between your wig and your head to prevent headaches, protect your hairline. It can also be used for your hat or scarf to stop further hair loss, bald spots. The grip band eliminates irritation from the traditional wig.

  • NON-SLIP: Benefit of elegant design and unique material, Wig Grip Band grip can secure your wig/hat/scarf without glues or tapes, you will not be hassled by wearing it all day.

  • DURABLE & STYLISH: A row of precise stitches sewn on the top ensures long-lasting use. Stylish and neat rhombus lines are more attractive.

  • RIGIDITY OF WIG PLACE: The band would help you hold your wig in place. Please make sure to check our picture and wear it properly.

  • CONVENIENCE: The wig band makes it much easier for you to hold your wig. It is adjustable and would fit different sizes